Good Morning: How You Feel Color’s the World Around You

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“Life is just a mirror, and what you see out there, you must first see inside of you.” ~Wally Famous’ Amos
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Good morning!

Want a quick way to measure how you feel about yourself and what type of attitude you have? Answer this question: how do you see the world around you today?
If you see the world as scary, worrisome, negative or
stressful–odds are you are holding these feelings within.
Likewise, if you see the world as hopeful, optimistic and
joy-filled, you likely embrace those feelings within.
We can’t capture the invisible. If we desire a life of peace,
contentment and happiness but cannot feel it internally, we won’t be able to find it externally.
Your Turn: How we perceive the external is a reflection of how we feel internally. If you took a picture of the external world today, what would it reveal about you? Use this technique to keep your attitude healthy and strong. Treat yourself well–remember that how you feel will be reflected into the world and to all of those around you.

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