Good Morning: Tear Down the Walls in Your Life

“Before I built a wall I’d ask to know what I was walling in or walling out.
~Robert Frost
Frost’s quote reminds us that whenever we build a wall, we not only keep something in, but we also keep something out. Have you ever built a wall in your life? Perhaps an emotional wall to avoid hurt in some area, or a wall around your confidence because you are scared to fail? Perhaps you’ve built a wall to keep away a certain type of person?

Building a wall is not easy–bricks and time are required. Removing a wall is also difficult. We would be smart to follow Frost’s advice and ,before building any more walls in our emotional or physical lives, make sure the wall serves a purpose we are willing to live with.

Your Turn:
Are there any walls you need to tear down this year to create room for personal growth?
Today’s Affirmation:
I release destructive patterns and put positive action in their place.
Reflection Questions:
What physical and emotional walls have you created in your life?
Which of these walls helped you? Which hurt you?

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