Good Morning! Try To Stay Focused On The Positive

Around the Corner: “Angels have the ability to fly because they take themselves lightly.”
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Good morning!  

I found today’s quote in an email signature from Donna. As we move through our days we are often consumed by some issue or crisis and it becomes a weight on our shoulders. What might be a “little thing” becomes a “big thing” because we make it so. Our ability to “let go” is weak, while our ability to “blame ourselves” (or someone else) is strong.
A number of years ago I was going through a difficult situation with some very negative people. I couldn’t understand why they were doing some of the things they were doing. I found myself “wound
tight” about their behavior and analyzing it with others in search of an explanation. I quickly realized that discussing or analyzing their behavior was a drain of my energy and the person I was talking with. The situation was beyond our control and instead of “letting go” we were “holding on” by feeding it with our time and energy.
Shortly after that I realized I had two choices (1) Continue discussing it with others, drain my energy (and theirs!) and lose ground in moving forward with what matters, or (2) Make a conscious decision to “let go” and focus on something positive where I could make a difference.
I chose to let go. It wasn’t easy. Sometimes I found my mind drifting back to the negative situation or it would keep me up at night. I continually, over an over, had to remind myself — “LET GO!” The more I reminded myself to let go, the more able I was to do so. I found that the more I let go of the negative, the more space I created for living the positive.
Your Turn:
As you go throughout your day treat your energy and thoughts like gold. Before you invest time and energy into a situation ask yourself, “Does this truly matter?” If the answer is no, make the conscious choice to “let go” and focus on something positive in its place.
Your Affirmation:
I turn away from the negative and put positive in its place.

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