Book: Change Your Life Challenge

Change Your Life Challenge Cover

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Step by Step Solutions for Finding Balance, Creating Contentment, Getting Organized and Building the Life You Want.

  • Are you struggling to keep up with life?
  • Do you have a list of to-dos you will get to “some day?”
  • Are you overwhelmed with the needs of others, leaving little time for yourself?
  • Have you tried other “life management” programs with no success?
  • Are you tired of mood, attitude and energy swings?

Over 200,000 women, many of whom felt the same way, have changed their lives for the better using the strategies Brook Noel presents in this book.

Created by Brook Noel as she sought to make over her own life in an achievable step-by-step fashion, the premise of The Change Your Life Challenge is that, although our lives are complicated, our systems do not need to be. Noel will show readers how to make over finances, friendships, relationships, family, organization, health, fitness, self, home, self-esteem and spirituality. Readers will learn:

  • A step by step system for conquering clutter and keeping your home clean
  • How to make time work for you-instead of against you
  • How to discover and live by your core values and beliefs
  • The key to never forgetting anything
  • How to end procrastination

Simple daily actions can result in an entire lifelong makeover – just take the challenge.

$14 for the book

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