CD ROM – Change Your Life Challenge Workbook

The Change Your Life Challenge Workbook on CD-ROM contains:

  • 55+ worksheets
  • Printables and tools in 8.5 x 11-inch letter size

You can easily print as many copies as you need while working through the program and learning innovative ways to manage time, get organized, conquer clutter, and more.

Worksheets and Tools include:

    • Snapshot
    • Action Plan
    • Friendship Table
    • Self-Friendship Table
    • Why We Say Yes
    • Power Hour Worksheet
    • Short-Term Worksheet
    • Active Task List Worksheet
    • Financial Record Worksheet
    • Wants Ledger
    • Bills Ledger
    • Actual Spending Ledger
    • Errands Checklist
    • Organizing Relationships Worksheet
    • Prioritizing Our Relationships
    • Self-Coaching Strategies
    • Housework Helpers Worksheet
    • Weekly Master Task List
    • Yearly Master Task List
    • Nightly Reflection Checklist
    • Six printable Soul Food Cards
    • Six printable Soul Food Card templates
    • Perpetual Calendar Worksheet
    • Contact Page Template
    • Personal Quota Worksheet
    • Contacts Card Printables
    • Printable Binder Cover
    • Letter sized calendar block
    • Letter sized weekly planning sheet
    • Weekly Meal Plan Sample
    • Meal Planning Worksheet
    • S.O.S. List
    • Three Step Action List Printable
    • 15 Self-Reflection Journal Pages
    • Good Morning Reminder Cards
    • Power Hour Worksheet
    • Self-Sabotage Checklist
    • Dates & Deadlines
    • Monthly, 1-31 Day Checklist

$28 USD   sku:4247794 for the CDROM Workbook only

$36 USD  sku:4247791 includes both the CDROM Workbook and 1 copy of Brook’s: The Change Your Life Challenge book

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