CD ROM: Goal Workshop

  • Do you shoot out of the goal-starting gate but lose steam within a few weeks?
  • Have you ever put off a goal because you are waiting for a “better day?”
  • Like the majority of American’s, have you stopped setting New Year resolutions due to your prior track record?
  • Have you ever let a goal go because life is just too hectic, or said “I’ll wait until next year or  __ (fill in the blank with date of choice) ___.”

I T  H A S  B E E N  S A I D the best way to predict the future is to create it and we couldn’t agree more. Every December 31st a special midnight passes, marking a new slate of 365 days. During these once-a-year happenings millions of people set their intentions and goals for the New Year. Most of these people will abandon their goals by February or lose steam. Why? Choosing a goal is only the first step. Reaching a goal requires planning, a goal map, action, attitude, energy and accountability.

This workshop on CD-ROM takes you step-by-step through the breakdown Brook uses for setting and achieving goals in her own life. You’ll learn:

  • What makes a successful goal
  • Why you need a VISION and a MISSION and the difference between them
  • Your Personal G.Q. (Goal Quotient–not the magazine)
  • Your goal strengths and weaknesses
  • Why most goals fail and how to prevent your goal from doing so
  • How to turn dreams into reality with discipline
  • How to make sure a goal is S.M.A.R.T.
  • How energy and attitude play key factors in success
  • How to break through barriers, get started and overcome obstacles
  • How to identify key milestones and create a detailed road map
  • The importance of a Vision Map
  • How to reprogram your mind and attitude for success
  • How to put your goal through a CRASH-test for reality, resources and success
  • Action steps to support your goal

The CD-ROM contains 14 lessons in PDF format plus worksheets and sample goal posters. The lessons are designed to be completed over a 5-Week Period.  Also available as an online class

$29 USD   sku:5265805

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