eBook: Journaling: Self-Discovery through the Written Word

Throughout the ages, many women have used journaling to solve problems, gain insight, and encourage self-discovery. One need not be a writer or creative person to derive the benefits that can only be found though the practice of journaling.

The disciplined practice of journaling has personally changed my life and those of countless other women. The key to successful journaling is the understanding of how and what to journal about in order to create a written record that becomes one of your closest friends.

This e-workbook is adapted from Brook’s four-week course and takes you step-by-step through practical journaling techniques that allow you to gain insight, learn about yourself, reduce stress, solve problems and overcome obstacles. Includes examples and journal prompts that you can put into practice immediately.

The Practice of Journaling
In the first five set of lessons, we will explore how women of both past and present have used journaling as the primary key to self-discovery. You’ll learn the “guidelines” that allow your journaling to be a rich source of information and an enjoyable practice. This week you will try five different journaling techniques to “get your feet wet.”

Journaling for Self-Discovery
In the second set of lessons, attention turns to how the journal can be used as a path to self-discovery. Using journal prompts you will explore aspects of your life, balance, desires and needs.

Journaling to Solve Problems
These lessons share how journaling can be practically applied to solve problems. You’ll be encouraged to choose one challenge or problem to work with throughout the week. Three different journaling techniques will be applied to this problem to help uncover the solution.

Journaling to Understand
In the last set of lessons you will learn how to use your past journal entries to understand the challenges facing you now and the paths available to you. You’ll learn how to detect common themes among your entries which lead to further understanding of the self. This week also includes 50 journal prompts that you can use to continue your voyage of self-discovery.

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