eBook: Staying Motivated

How to harness focus and energy to maximize each day

Have you ever enjoyed one of those days where everything seemed to “sync” up and just fall into place? Despite what your to-do list entailed, you moved through it with ease and satisfaction. Many people believe these days “in the zone” are a matter of “luck” and rare occurrences to be savored.

These days aren’t a matter of “luck” or just a “good day,” there is actually a sequence of events that create this “zone.” It is not lack of willpower or self-discipline that creates “off days.” We cannot “muster” willpower and motivation from thin air.

Contrary to popular belief, we aren’t born with “willpower,” –it isn’t something you have or don’t have. Science shows that willpower, discipline, focus and flow are created through a unique series of steps. Once the formulas are understood, anyone can apply them to any aspect of life.

After reading thousands of pages, this workbook distills what Brook Noel has learned (and seen work) into easy-to-understand techniques that can be applied to realize maximum focus, flow and self-discipline. These qualities allow you to move past obstacles, reframe your experience, and experience daily success.

Week One: The Mind We Were Born With: When we understand what we are working with, we begin to see how this basic programming is reflected in our beliefs and actions. This week you will uncover how these patterns are at work in your own life.

Week Two: Thoughts Control the Thinker:  This week you’ll discover how thoughts control the thinker and how this can be the major factor that improves or impoverishes your life.

Week Three: In the Zone: Zone and Flow have been defined as a period of optimal experience, when a person is able to clearly move forward without being distracted or sidetracked. In this state, people often lose track of time all together. This week you will learn how flow works and gain insight for creating flow in your own life.

Week Four: Living the Lessons: This week we will blend your knowledge and notes from the first three weeks into an action plan for daily living.

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