Faith Matters

About Faith Matters: Brook Noel created the Faith Matters Series to provide a simple, rich way to stay present with our faith by exploring questions of today with the wisdom of God’s Word. Each study is broken into bite-size doses of daily devotion, providing questions and reflection space to apply His Word to your life. 

These are available on CD-ROM and downloadable formats.  The downloads and CD-ROMs are for individual use.   

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The Power of Prayer Words to Remember Reconnecting with God
Applying the Parables I & II Exploring the Psalms Character Counts
Releasing Worry Renew Your Mind Straight to the Point
Living by Example Love Is Managing Your Moods
Path of Purpose Practicing Proverbs

Each Faith Matters study contains:

  • Look-Ups (a.k.a. Write it Down): Each study contains scripture references around the study theme. Look these up in the Bible you are most comfortable with and write them in the provided space.
  • Reflection Questions: Work through these thoughtfully to apply God’s Wisdom to your life.
  • Activities: Follow the instructions for the outlined Activities. You may wish to keep a special journal for these Activities.
  • Key Verses: Build a deck of cards to celebrate key verses that resonate with you. Many studies also include printable Key Verse cards or bookmarks.
  • Discussion Topics: Discussion topics are highlighted throughout the study. If you are working through this study in a small group you can use these as discussion starters. If working on your own, consider writing down your answers in a journal.

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