Faith Matters: Living by Example

Okay… so we might all agree that the Bible makes a great guide for living and that God’s Word and the examples of Jesus are timeless principles that offer a ray of light to all who strive to follow these footsteps.

  • Yet how do we bring these words alive in our own life?
  • How do we go from reading God’s Word to LIVING God’s Word?
  • What can we learn from the teachings of Jesus that can guide us day-in and day-out as we face conflict, stress, difficult choices or confused emotions?

In this Faith Matters Study we will read through the timeless wisdom of the Bible and work to live by example by incorporating this wisdom into our own life. Includes reflections and challenges for practicing each nugget of wisdom in your daily life.

This study is divided into 21 daily doses of devotion. Topics of exploration include:
•    Selflessness
•    Memory Verses
•    Putting Others First
•    Communication & Conflict
•    Watching Your Words
•    Advice on Daily Living
•    Living in Faith
•    Seeking Wisdom
•    Actions and Preparations
•    Navigating Life
•    From Confusion to Clarity
•    The Garden or Life
•    Guidelines for Living and Loving
•    Opinions
•    Following Christ

Includes: Special God’s Guidance Printable

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