Class: Self-Esteem Toolbox

Self-Esteem Toolbox
2 weeks, $39 – Click here to register

This class is being offered via Facebook.

Class begins May 14th
This class is only offered once in 2018

  • Are you frequently nagged by an inner negative voice?
  • Do you find yourself giving little credit to what you accomplish and focusing mostly on what you have not done?
  • Does worry, guilt, or anxiety seem like a shadow?
  • Do you want to be more optimistic and positive, but don’t know how?

 If you answered yes to any of these questions, Brook Noel’s Self-Esteem Toolbox course can help!

Many of us are caught in a negative web of emotions, cycles and thought-patterns. Emotions like worry, guilt, self-criticism, sadness, stress, and anxiety take up residence in our minds and souls and begin to direct our lives. Brook lived like this for many years. She longed to find a “core,” a “center” that was inspiring versus draining. Brook knew that living life to its fullest, maximizing the joy in each day, loving herself, and the contributions she could make to friends, family and community relied on finding this core.

After years of trial and error Brook found that “core.” She invites you to discover a bright path and learn how to leave behind the ever-present shadows of doubt, anxiety, self-criticism, worry, and other belittling thought patterns in the past.

$39 – Click here to register

 In this class you will:

  • Create personal power scripts
  • Learn the 5 thought-distortion habits that lead to anxiety and stress–and more importantly, how to remedy them
  • Learn how the mind and thoughts work together to create our reality
  • Implement exercises to program more positive in your life
  • Learn how to break unhealthy thinking cycles

Course Summary:
Week One: In our first week together we take an inventory to assess where the most common thought-distortion patterns are surfacing in our lives and learn how to correct them. We also explore how the mind works, internal and external thoughts, and the snowball effect. In just one week, by uncovering these thought-patterns and taking a new approach to handling them, you will begin to feel like a weight is lifting from your shoulders!

Week Two: This week we turn our attention to programming more positive in our lives. Each day we add a simple positive practice while continuing to implement the techniques we learned last week to eliminate worry, self-criticism, guilt, and sadness. We conclude the week be creating personal power scripts and affirmation cards.

$39 – Click here to register

Class F.A.Q.

How Do These Classes Work?

This class is being offered via our new Facebook group format.  After you have enrolled in this class, you will receive an email invitation to join the secret group on Facebook.  If your Facebook email is not the same as the one you are using to register for this class, please note the other email address in the Comment section when you register.

If you are enrolling in this course on the start date or during the first week, please allow one business day to receive your invitation to join the group.

How much time does this class require? There is no mandatory deadline or sharing with the assignments (although sharing is encouraged and half the fun!) therefore you are free to work at your own pace although you will need to download all lessons during the class period. We do leave classes open for 1 month beyond the scheduled end date, to allow you to retrieve any outstanding information and download lessons–although class helpers are not available for Q&A during this time. Class helpers are only available during the actual 2 weeks of the course.  Since we run so many classes, we are unable to send lessons manually or to make them available once the class has closed. By completing an action plan and downloading the lessons you can continue to work on your new system at any pace comfortable to you.

Questions? Please email   We strive to respond within one business day.

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