Kit: Project Management

Projects require multiple action-steps to complete – and often stretch out over a period of time or require the involvement of others. Learning how to break down a project into realistic action steps is the first key to accomplishing that project; learning how to give your plan a “reality check” is the second key; and the third key is implementation and revision.

Brook’s Project Management Binder shows you how to break down and organize a project, using mapping techniques and overview worksheets to create a solid plan of action.

This Toolkit includes:

  • 3 Ring View Binder (colors vary)
  • 3 Project Management Expandable Files (color coded – red, blue, green
  • 3 Expanding multi-page sheet protectors (color coded – red, blue, green)
  • 3 Slash Pockets (color coded – red, blue, green)
  • 3 Project Envelopes
  • Brook’s Project Management Guide
  • Printed Project Overview and Breakdown worksheets (10 of each, 20 total)
  • CD-ROM to print additional Project Worksheets

Perfect for….

  • Anyone who has a lot of project management in their personal or professional life
  • Anyone struggling with all the paper involved in a project
  • Anyone who finds they tend to “stall” on projects and need proven techniques to keep them moving forward

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