Catch-All Notebooks Starter Sets

Our Catch-All Notebook starter-sets offer all of our most popular tracking and organizing tools along with your choice of designer Catch-All Notebook in a ready-to-go kit. Alternatively you can build your own Catch-All Notebook or explore refills, tracking cards and accessories (see the bottom of this page.)

Each Catch-All Notebook  Set (CAN) includes everything shown below plus your choice of one of three 5 x 7 spiral, hardcover journal designs:

Catch All Notebook

Your choice from three designer notebook covers featuring Brook Noel’s exclusive art. Each notebook features durable double-o wire binding and 100 sheets of lined paper. Elastic loop with pen included. Unlike much of today’s stationary which is manufactured in the far East, we are proud to say these notebooks are made 100% in the USA.


  • 2 Contacts Cards to quickly store your most frequently dialed phone numbers. Placed in a self-adhesive pouch this card can easily be transferred from CAN to CAN.
  • Pen
  • 6 Three-Step Action Lists: Each Action List features three color coded lines and the day of the week allowing for one week of Action Items per list.
  • 4 My Week Cards: The front offers space to record your 3-Step Action List Monday to Sunday or other action steps. The backside features space for notes and a different inspirational quote on each card.
  • 4 Weekly Routine Tracking Cards: Track weekly routine tasks with these routine cards that list the days of the week across the top.
  • 3 Monthly Tracking Cards: Track routine monthly tasks on these cards with the months listed across the top.
  • 4 Power Hour Cards: Use these cards to track your Power Hour list if you are following the Change Your Life Challenge or MTM Program. Otherwise, use these cards as general checklists of important tasks.
  • 6 Gratitude Lists: Each with 21 lines for storing a full week of thankfulness. (These cards are also make great general list cards.)
  • 3 Planning Blocks: Use these 4×6 cards as calendars for the month or for the week
  • 1(4×6) crystal clear self-adhesive pocket
  • 2(4×4) crystal clear self-adhesive pockets
  • 1 (2×3) crystal clear self-adhesive pocket for holding your Contact Cards, 3-Step Action List, or both.
  • 1 self-adhesive corner pocket
  • 1 Art Card Cover by Brook Noel with a self-adhesive crystal clear pocket for the cover. Each notebook features a different motivational card cover. Need a new look or new inspiration? Simply swap out the Art Cover, choosing from our Art Cover Line or one of your own creations.
  • 2 Action Clips with labels: One for bookmarking Active Tasks and another for bookmarking Short-Term Action Items
  • 1 Set-Up Guide: These notebooks come with all of the components listed above but they are not pre-assembled. This allows you to customize your notebook to meet your personality. The Set-Up Guide includes detailed instructions on how to assemble your C.A.N. to work best for you.
    Pslam 128 Catch All Notebook
    Dwell in Possibility – Dickenson This is the day – Psalms Be the Change – Ghandi

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