Finding happiness

The Constitution only guarantees the American people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself. ~Benjamin Franklin


Good morning! Today we are going to start our morning with a simple role-play. Let’s say that tonight for dinner you want to have homemade soup You are having a craving. Your family has a craving. Everyone wants soup. Unfortunately, you don’t have a single ingredient needed to make the soup. What would you do? (I will make a guess that you will go get the ingredients.) Obviously, if you don’t go get them, you’ll never fulfill that home-made soup-craving.

Happiness is a craving that we all have. But we can’t sit and wait for it to come our way, just as the ingredients for a recipe won’t magically appear. We have to make a conscious effort to go out and “catch happiness.”


Many times throughout our day we are faced with something we want and we fulfill that want. We are thirsty – we go get something to drink. We are hungry – we go get something to eat. We want to write something down – we go get a pen. Happiness need not be any more complicated – if we want happiness, we must go get it or create it where we are.


Your Turn:
Challenge yourself to create or catch happiness today.

Your affirmation:
I create happiness in my life.


Finding happiness — 2 Comments

  1. There was a episode of 7th Heaven and the message was “Happiness lives in gratitude”. When I need to get happy, I just think of something(s) that I am grateful for. Try it … it works. Count your blessings is all about happiness.

  2. Happiness is to drink in as it happens feel, smell, smile, enjoy, hear, touch, laugh, sing, dance, or just sit in peace and feel it in your soul.

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