Awake your passion…

“Have the gumption to try something new, and the grit to see it through.” Karen Fonstad

Good morning! Lately, I have been talking with a lot of people about energy, more specifically lack of energy. Early in the year, fatigue seems to challenge many. Perhaps it is the cold, or the shorter days, or maybe we are all just a little worn out after a busy holiday season.

Recently I read “boredom breeds fatigue.” When we live on autopilot, the cousin of boredom, we do not create new energy and zest in our lives. One quick cure is reinvigorating our selves through a passionate interest. What do you really enjoy doing? What would you really like to try in your life? Is there a hobby that you have been neglecting or one you have always wanted to pursue?

Your Turn:
Make a list in your journal of 10 activities or interests that stir your passions. Schedule ten to twenty minutes a couple of time per week to pursue an activity from this list. The energy and excitement you gain will radiate every area of your life.

Today’s Affirmation: I create a space for my passions in my daily life.

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