Building courage…

“Courage is only an accumulation of small steps. George Konrád

Good morning! This quote reveals a lot about courage and how it is developed. People often crave a feeling of confidence to support difficult steps. Many of us would like to feel that when faced with adversity, we act in courageous ways. Many of us would like to feel that we have a strong “center” within to guide our actions. Konrad’s quote offers the simple formula for developing courage. Courage is within reach for all of us.

We build courage not by taking risks, but by taking steps. As we take small steps forward in our lives, we build confidence. We master the art of taking the small step, and then we can take a little bigger step, and then another. Courage is the art of moving forward instead of standing still.

Your Turn:
What area of your life has been challenging you to develop courage? Where have you been caught in indecision or blame instead of action? We cannot accomplish anything or move forward when rooted in indecision. What steps will you take to develop courage?

Today’s Affirmation:
I am courageous. Each day I challenge myself to be my personal best.

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