Do or do not… Yoda Wisdom

“Do or do not. There is no ‘try’.” ~Yoda

Good morning! In one of the goal groups I lead, I have noticed how ingrained the concept of “trying” has become. People (especially women) confidently affirm, “I will try.” When it comes to affirming action “I will do,” the words come much slower, if at all.

Most of us are great at setting goals; in fact we are goal-setting experts. We have set goals a thousand times or more. What we are not so great at is reaching them. In order to influence reaching our goals, we have to follow Yoda’s wisdom. We need to replace “try” with “do.”

Your Turn:
Committing to a goal for an entire year can be challenging. Avoid getting so wrapped up in the future that today is lost. What practical steps can you take this week that move you toward your goal? What step can you take today? Journal your answers, making each step realistic, measurable, and manageable. Today do not go out and try, go out and “do.”

Today’s Affirmation: I do what it takes to reach my goals.

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