Waiting will not make a hill smaller

When there’s a hill to climb,

don’t think that waiting will make it smaller.

H. Jackson Brown


Good morning! H. Jackson Brown certainly burst a lot of bubbles with that quote – a few of my own included! I am unsure why when something seems difficult, waiting seems to be a good thing. Somehow we convince ourselves that we will acquire tools or resources that will make the uphill climb easier. But life rarely works that way. The perfect time never comes. Instead, we usually acquire more fear about climbing the hill – and often we choose a different path – even though the climb was what we needed.

One thing I have learned to do, first in business, and now in my personal life is to never put off the climb. No matter what the hill, take the first step.

The easiest comparison I can give you is the time I climbed Mt. St. Helens. It looked really, really, really, really tall when I was at the base. But guess what? After that first step, it looked a tiny-bit less tall. And after an hour of steps, its foreboding height dissipated all the more. And even after my first few steps, I knew I had made the commitment. There was no turning around.


Your Turn:
When faced with a mountain or hill in your own life – don’t turn around. Take the first step right away. By doing so, you make a commitment, and in one simple step, you have already decreased the length of the climb that is in front of you.



Your affirmation:



At the top of some of life’s hardest climbs, are the best views.


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  1. This is my biggest problem taking that first step and the fear to take that step. I get overwhelmed very easily sometimes and just stop. This is my problem when I am at home but at work I make life and death decisions all day or night long with no problem. It just seem that I’ve made so many decisions all day that deciding were to put socks or toys just isnt that important but it does make for a very messy house. There is my problem I do have to make decisions at home too.

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