Learning from life’s storms

“There are some things you learn best in calm,

and some in storm.” Willa Cather


Good morning! How nice it would be if we could learn all of life’s lessons in calm. However, many times during the “calm” we are not receptive students. When the days are passing smoothly, we may grow comfortable or complacent.

When our lives are “shuffled up” a bit, or our emotions are uncomfortable for us, or we have a gnawing ache inside — we become open to the question of “why…”; we become open to life’s lessons.

When I reflect on my own life, I notice when I felt things were “falling apart,” they were often “falling together.” What was falling apart was my prediction of how something would unfold. Life was nudging me in a new direction. The discomfort and “storm” only stayed for as long as I resisted the nudge.


Your Turn:
Reflect on the times you have realized the most change in your life. Were they during the “calm” or the “storm”? If you are facing a physical, emotional or spiritual “storm” right now, what lesson might be waiting for you?



Your affirmation:


I face the storms of life with an open heart and open mind.

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