Good Morning… 2/8/2008

Every day is a birthday; every moment of it is new to us;

we are born again, renewed for fresh work and endeavor.

Issac Watts

Good morning! Well according to Issac Watts, I guess a Happy Birthday is in order! Happy Birthday everyone! In all seriousness, isn’t this a hopeful quote filled with the wonder of newness? Have you ever thought about why we are so happy when a baby is born? Or why do we countdown the seconds to a new year? These events speak of new opportunity, fresh starts, hope.

This quote brings us to the very important realization that the same opportunity, newness and hope resides in every day – in every moment. All we have to do is accept it. Today, you could make the biggest change of your life. There is no need to wait.

Your Turn:

When you look back at your life, what makes you say “I wish I would have done this differently.” Embrace whatever your answer is. Then today, take a step toward writing a different ending.


Your affirmation:

Every moment offers as much opportunity and hope as I choose to accept.


Good Morning… 2/8/2008 — 1 Comment

  1. Just wanted to express my appreciation for this Good Morning. I like the idea of every day being a New Years day. A fresh start.

    PS also love the flower logo for this section. Daisys (and roses) are my favorite flower.

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