Good Morning!

Did you know the Levi Strauss was originally a tentmaker in the 1850’s?

He used a heavy-duty denim fabric he had invented to make tents.

He failed at his tent-endeavor.

I wonder what we would all be wearing if he would have succeeded?

Good morning! I have always found “hidden success” stories interesting and representative of how many successes are journeys including obstacles, “failures,” detours, roadblocks, and road bumps. I believe obstacles, “failures,” detours, roadblocks and road bumps are ingredients of success. Challenges teach us to stretch our thinking, reframe a situation, expand and explore possibilities.

If I could redefine success, I would make the definition read: A series of mistakes, small steps, accomplishments, detours, road blocks, dreams, and persistence eventually leading to a desired or discovered goal.

With this definition, perhaps we might expect these “side-steps” and take them in stride versus seeing them as reasons to abandon a goal. These are not steps backward, but required steps toward a desired end result.

Your Turn:
Post this new definition of success somewhere you will see it regularly. How could reframing your thinking in this way help you move forward versus step backward?

Your affirmation:

(Write this in your Catch-All Notebook) and say it aloud at least several times today:


 There is no such thing as a setback.

Every step, whether desired or undesired, planned or unexpected, is a step toward success.


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  1. Good Morning Everyone!
    I agree with Brook regarding success, however, I don’t always have this in my mind when I face my day. This reminder she asks us to post is a great idea to be read daily, especially if we are looking for some sort of transformation in our lives. We need to retrain our minds in the way that we think and approach things so we can get different results and conform to change that we so desire.

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