Class: Christmas Countdown – It’s Not Too Late!

1000 Hours to Help You Plan and Organize a Celebratory Season 2010ClassBannerfor Your Family


Class begins November 13, 2018.  $69

A Stress-Free Journey for creating a centered and celebratory holiday season

As we flip our calendars in the fall there is no denying Christmas will be here before we know it! Without a plan in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, our well-made plans of sending cards, homemade gifts, early shopping, baking and other celebrations often get lost all together or become stressful instead of enjoyable.

Our 1000 Hour Christmas Countdown workshop is comprised of lessons to help you

  • Create the most memorable Christmas ever
  • Plan ahead to reduce stress, save time, and save money
  • Find creative and economical solutions for decorating and gift-giving
  • And much more as outlined below….


1000 Hours:  We will set up our holiday notebook to keep us organized over the coming weeks.  We will set priorities, goals, and a budget.  (We will also briefly touch on traditions which may take some time to set-up.  More time will be spent on traditions at 200 hours.)

900 Hours:  Now that our notebooks are together and we have our goals set, we will review some etiquette guidelines and how to set boundaries.  Mailing deadlines for packages and cards will also be covered.candle_terra-cotta_hires

800 Hours: As time continues to tick down we will review some crafts we can make as gifts.  Children’s crafts will be covered as well.

700 Hours:  Thanksgiving has passed so it is time to start decorating our homes for Christmas.  Information on having a “green” Christmas is included as well as instructions on homemade decorations.

600 Hours:  The next 100 hours are all about getting our cards out.  We will have a lesson on making homemade cards, using “Send-Out Cards” to make it easier, and other easy ways to make creative cards.xmas_decoration_5_hires

500 Hours:  Our cards are out and our homes are decorated, so we will move onto making food gifts.  Gifts in a Jar and baked goods will be covered as well as other options.

400 Hours:  We are well on our way to having our holiday organized.  Now,it is time to think about the entertaining.  Lessons on stress-free entertaining and hosting a cookie exchange are up next.

300 Hours: Christmas is drawing ever closer.  Are you ready to start cleaning?  These next lessons will review how to efficiently clean our homes, prepare for guests, and special hospitality touches we can extend to our guests.

250 Hours:  It is ten days and counting until Christmas!  Now is the time to create our holiday menu, collect recipes, and plan our grocery shopping.  Children’s activities will be included.

200 Hours:  Traditions!  This lesson will review more family and cultural traditions.

150 Hours:  It’s time for the “Not So Last Minute” check-list.  This will give us the opportunity to review what we have done so far and see what we still need to accomplish.

100 Hours:  With only four days to go, we will set-up our cooking plan.  Ideally, our plan will ensure all of our cooking and other food preparations are completed in time for us to enjoy our family and friends (without spending 12 hours in the kitchen on Christmas day).

50 Hours:  With only two days to go until Christmas, we will work on the finishing details including last minute decorating, setting a special holiday table, and planning what the family will be wearing for the day.

25 hours:  With 950 hours of planning and activities successfully completed, it is time to pamper ourselves a little.  Today’s lesson provides information on an at-home spa day so that we can relax before Santa makes his appearance!

Merry Christmas

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