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START NOW! Make this your best year RealSolutions2yet with Brook Noel’s online resources and group coaching community! Introducing the new, revised, Make Today Matter Life System Online!

  • Are you feeling like you are getting by, but not really living?
  • Do you find that you have more down days than good days?
  • Are you finding yourself tired and unmotivated?
  • Do you struggle to meet daily demands and get everything done?
  • Could you benefit from more balance, focus, and purpose?

Let best-selling author and life expert Brook Noel, lead you step-by-step through your transformation with her revised Make Today Matter System Online with group support.

One-on-one life coaching can cost hundreds of dollars a month! Brook offers lifetime group coaching and a self-improvement system for less than many coaches charge for a single session! Brook’s online system is valued at over $1000. Get a lifetime* membership for only $249!

MTM Home & Toolbox

Member Home and Toolbox

What it is:

A revolutionary program that has helped thousands of women create lasting change in their lives. Best-selling author and life management expert Brook Noel, will lead you step-by-step through her new, redesigned Toolbox 2.0  with ten steps.  These core steps are the proven anchors that will help you maximize each day, week, month, and year! Brook offers guidance through printables, videos, audios, online support and more. Imagine.. in just two weeks you can be on the path to revolutionizing your life!

Who it is for: Any woman who wants direction, support and encouragement while learning how to get organized, manage time, save money, create contentment, uncover her values, increase energy and live with purpose!

How it works: You can enroll anytime. Within two business days you will receive your login credentials and instructions on how to use the many areas of the site. The main page of the site contains Brook’s 10 Step Toolbox (you can dowload and save or print a copy of each step and work through it at your own pace).

One time payment of $249.
Save $50 over the payment plans outlined below.

What’s Included:

  • 10 Step Toolbox (Member exclusive): The Toolbox is at the heart of the program and contains Brook’s tried and true system for managing each day, week, and month. Through the Toolbox, Brook will coach you toward a balanced, centered, organized and joy-filled life. You get the same material Brook uses with her one-on-one clients and you can ask her questions through the forums any time! Her 10 Step Toolbox is only available online.
  • Additional tracks which can be selected based on the season of your life.  Each month our online team leads you, step-by-step, through a featured track such as health, managing time, and the like.
  • Over 160 Mini Makeovers (Member Exclusive) Created by Brook, Mini-Makeovers are Mini-Workshops (5-10 pages) that offer a detailed action plan to make lasting change. Examples include: Reality Routines, To-Do Overload, Time Block Management, Attitude Makeover and many more. (Click here to see a full list.) ($749 value) 
  • All new Make Today Matter Facebook group for members only.  This group allows dynamic interaction between the MTM Team, Brook and members.
  • Menus & Mealtimes: Access to 11 monthly menu plans and 29 weekly menu plans featuring family-friendly dinner recipes complete with shopping lists ($249 value) Print and save and your menu planning is done for you!
  • Printable Journal Prompts: Over 90 pages of printable journal prompts to build your own journal 
  • MTM Library: Access event transcripts, exclusive member printables, Brook’s Soul Food and Affirmation card library and more!
  • Audio Library: Our audio library contains 15 audios from a variety of experts (including 5 audios by Brook). You can also access additional audios by Brook in our Mini-Makeovers ($99 value)
  • Printables (Member Exclusive): The pages we sell in the shop for the Make Today Matter binder are available for personal use of MTM members in the library along with many other printables! ($79 value)
  • 20% Savings Pass: Save 20% on any order (excluding membership or annual class pass). Use the special member code posted each month on the main member page.
  • Get It Done Sprint Room! Our online sprint room provides a friendly place to stay focused and get things done! Hosted at various hours throughout the week (schedule on the member Home Page).  Brook also available during her office hours (see calendar for times). ($9.95 a month value)
  • Getting Started Guide: An ebook that will guide you through how to use the site and make the most of your online group coaching membership.
  • Online Events: Each month we hold a variety of online events for members. 
  • Staying Motivated and Attitude Makeover eBooks: Download these two ebooks by following the links in your Getting Started Guide. ($39 value)

How often do I have to participate?
All participation is optional. Some members love to post to the forums, others love to use the Get It Done Sprint Room, and still others like to just lay low and take advantage of the vast resources and life-changing tools. The choice is yours!

As the saying goes, If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you’ve always got. Why not take the step today to change what you are doing and start on the path of uncovering your full potential?


What are people saying about Make
Today Matter?
I just started this program and it has already changed my life. My mind is uncluttered now. If this is the impact the first week has had on my life, I can’t wait to see how it looks at the end! God bless you for developing this program! Brittany, California
I am glad I decided to try MTM. It is one of the best things I could have ever done for myself. I am encouraging everyone I know to give it a try—it can change your life for the better!

Maureen, Florida
MTM is a powerful tool for making very effective changes toward a greater quality of life. It has guided, inspired, and motivated me to cultivate better relationships with those I love, create a more peaceful home, adopt a joyful outlook, and connect with my authentic self. I recommend it highly to anyone wanting to take deliberate steps toward a fuller, more rewarding life. Sarah, Pennsylvania This program has changed my life already and I’ve only been following it for a week! I know that may sound dramatic, but along with the support from others, I can already feel the benefits. Extremely well-written. A
must-have for any busy woman.

Kathleen, United Kingdom

While this offering is valued at well over $1000 for the moment you can get a lifetime membership to the community for a one-time payment of $249 (save $50 over the payment plan) or 6 payments of $49 (billed every other month).

Join today and make this the year you commit to building your best life with the help of best-selling author and life management expert Brook Noel!

To get started, choose your payment option below. Within one business day, you will receive your Getting Started Guide and login information.

One time payment of $249 save $50 over the payment plan.

6 payments of $49. First payment billed at time of purchase, then 49.00 billed every 60 days for 5 subsequent payments

OR, get Brook’s comprehensive kit including membership and all the materials you need to make the most of her program!(Testimonials)

In addition to a lifetime MTM Membership, you also receive the components below.

(Click on any component to learn more.) To learn what is included in your lifetime membership, see above.

MTM Headquarters, Binder Kit, Make Today Matter Neoprene WristbandMake Today Matter Coffee Mug, Housework Helpers ToolkitCatch All Notebook Starter SetAutographed copy of The Change Your Life Challenge book, Change Your Life Challenge Workbook on CD-ROMAutographed copy of the Good Morning book, Set of 7 Project Management Files, From Resolutions to Reality Goal Workbook on CD-ROM, Menus and Mealtimes – 5 Menus on CD-ROM, (CD-ROM not sold separately)

MTM Complete System with Lifetime MTM Membership. Over $1,250 value for only $399 – BUY TODAY