Kit: Housework Helpers

Adapted and expanded from Brook Noel’s online Housework Helpers program, 10 Weeks to the House You Want course, and the Make Today Matter Life System, this kit provides everything you need to get your home clean and keep it clean!

The kit is neatly organized in a soft pink vinyl fold

er with clear sheet holders. Both the front and back feature a full 8.5 x 11 pocket to keep your active tasks handy and visible.

Inside are four additional clear pockets for storing the Inventory, Weekly, Daily and Monthly worksheets included in this Toolkit. Two half pockets (one on the inside of the front cover and one on the inside of the back cover) provide additional storage space. This 3-hole punched binder folder can easily be added to your MTM Binder or kept separate.

Our Keep It Clean Quick Start Guide (included) will help you:

  • Take inventory of the tasks to be done in your home
  • Break down tasks into manageable parts
  • Provide examples of a completed plan
  • ensure you set realistic goals and expectations
  • Organize your tasks into daily, weekly, and monthly routines to ensure housework doesn’t pile up
  • Provide tips for staying motivated and staying on track

Note: This product is only available in the Housework Helpers Toolkit and is not sold separately. $10 value

The kit includes:

  • Soft pink vinyl clear pocket organizer, 3-hole punched so it can be added to your MTM Binder or kept separate
  • Keep It Clean Quick Start Guide ($10 value, not sold separately)
  • 3 Housework Helpers Inventory Worksheets
  • 3 Weekly Breakdown by Month Worksheets (double sided-6 month’s worth)
  • 3 Monthly Trackers (double sided for 6 pages)
  • 3 Day by Day Weekly Worksheets (double sided for 6 pages)
  • 8.5 x 11 self adhesive pouch (for creating a “Quick Reminder” station in the location of your choice)

$28.00 sku:4189165

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