Last Call – 30 Day Health Jumpstart Starts this Week

Last Call: 30 Day Health Jumpstart – Starts This Week!  
A 30 Day Program to Your Fitness Path – Join Us
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this Week

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 Get a jumpstart on the holidays this year by going into them with a new outlook on health.  Walk by any newsstand or turn on the television, and it won’t take long to find supposed solutions to the seemingly never-ending battle of weight loss.

 We all know the secret – it’s simple, right?

“eat less, exercise more”

 but simplicity does not make the process easy!

 This 30 day course is designed to help you evaluate your current fitness level and health-habits in a new light. You’ll then chart (and start) the changes to help you take your health to the next level. With step-by-step guidance, and easy-to-implement lessons, this program is for anyone seeking accountability, and a clear action plan, to guide their goal.

We will cover:

Week One: Building Healthy Habits
Week Two: Nutrition Tune-Up
Week Three: Let’s Get Movin’
Week Four: The Journey (Sustainability)

Click here to go to a detailed description or to order this class

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