Your built-in kaleidoscope…

“Life is like an ever-shifting kaleidoscope–a slight change, and all patterns alter.” ~Sharon Salzberg

Good morning!  What slight changes you have done for yourself lately? Think about how a happier “you” reflects into the fabric of your family, creating a happier “kaleidoscope” of day-to-day living experiences for all! The change can be as little as always, always, always leaving your car keys in the same place every evening when you come home … only to conveniently find them every morning again when you need them! Or the change can be as big as updating your family mission statement, with a new goal, a new plan, or a rejuvenated addendum.

Your Turn: Choose one of the ideas above, or one of your own, to put your “kaleidoscope” in positive motion.

Today’s Affirmation: I realize that a little change can shift my world for the better


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  1. I love this affirmation…I wrote this in my CAN. It gives me hope and the permission to look at a small thing as a success and a motivation to keep going!

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