Good Morning – Life Choices

“We choose, and in doing so, we design our lives.” “Learn to master the moment of decision and you will live a life uncommon.” from The Rhythm of Life: Living Every Day with Passion & Purpose by Matthew Kelly

Good morning! Don’t you think the Nike(R) slogan is catchy? “Just Do It!” I wonder how successful it would have been if they would have tried… “Just think about it,” or “Just wallow in indecision.” It doesn’t have a real ring to it, does it? But that is what many of us do. Instead of “deciding” we “debate.” Instead of moving forward, we tread water. Instead of making “it happen,” we weigh what might happen. In these moments of indecision, life continues on without us.

These quotes by Matthew really bring us back to that fundamental point: “Learn to master the moment of decision and you will live a life uncommon.” Uncommon, because so few people actually decide anything. Instead we dabble and debate and discuss. Where are you in your 2010 goals? Are you dabbling and debating? Or did you make a decision and move forward. If you have, you have seen change. If you haven’t, you’re likely looking at the same old scenery. But each day brings many decisions and each decision you make creates power and momentum.

As a business owner, I make many decisions both large and small each day. They aren’t always right. But I would rather make a wrong decision than no decision at all. I would rather gain information and learn what doesn’t work so I can pursue what does work versus sit and wallow in indecision. For each time we make a decision, even if it is the wrong one, we are getting closer to making the right decision.

Your Turn:
Today, don’t put any decisions on the back burner or in the “debate and dabble” column. Trust yourself and make a decision while the situation is in front of you. Feel the action and empowerment that comes with decision-making.

Your Affirmation:
I make decisions with confidence and optimism.


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