Getting better every day…

“I’m getting better every day in every way” Joel Olsteen

Good morning! Cathy had just started the challenge when she heard this quote on television. I have heard variations of this quote in different affirmation workbooks and it truly is a powerful one to recite regularly.

Often, we tend to want to do so much, in so little time, we push and push and push and then get frustrated with what we perceive to be shortcomings or imperfections. These imperfections can quickly consume our focus if we let them. Of course, when we focus on our imperfections, we magnify them and we give them more power than they need to have.

None of us will ever be perfect, but we can all progress forward by daily improvement. But we Some days those improvements may be large, and sometimes they may be as simple as sharing an extra smile or word of encouragement with someone.

Your Turn:
Remember that when we give up judging ourselves, we have more we can give to others. When we focus on our imperfections we sap our own energy and have less to give to ourselves and to those whom we care for. Today, when you find yourself pushing yourself back instead of forward, recite today’s affirmation.

Your Affirmation:
I am getting better every day in every way.

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