Good Morning – Friendship Lessons

If you had a friend who talked to you like you sometimes talk to
yourself, would you continue to hang around with that person? --
Rob Bremer, Speaker

Good morning! 

As Debbie noted when she sent the quote, this is
something we cover in-depth in the attitude class. A quick question
for you this morning....

On a scale of 1 to 10... How would you rate yourself on this
statement... "I am a good friend." Most of us rate ourselves high,
we pride ourselves on being reliable and supportive.

Next question, on a scale of to 10, how would rate yourself on this
statement, "I am a good friend to myself."

Many of us stumble on question two. We demand things of ourselves
that we would not demand of others. We criticize ourselves with
harsh words that we would never say to a friend. While we forgive
our friends shortcomings, we belittle ourselves for our
shortcomings. We build friends up, we knock ourselves down.

How wonderfully our loves would change if we would treat ourselves
with the same kindness, thoughtfulness, encouragement and
forgiveness we show our friends.

Your turn:
Today, each time you have a thought directed toward yourself, ask--
is this a thought I would share with a friend in the same
situation? If the answer is no, replace it with the type of
kindness and encouragement you would show a friend. When we learn
to be a better friend to ourselves, we in turn become a better
friend to others.

Your affirmation: 
I treat myself with kindness, respect and encouragement just as I
would my best friend.

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