Time to Move

Let him that would move the world first move himself.

Good morning! When Nancy sent in this quote, she included the following note: “I like this quote because it shows that nothing has really changed in thousands of years– even Socrates saw our human tendency to think about what others can do better… rather than do it ourselves.”

Nancy and Socrates have both touched on one of the biggest challenges we face in moving forward toward our heart’s desires – the human tendency to wait for someone else to make the changes we desire. While we might talk a good game, do our actions match our voice?

Studies have shown that the most successful business owners have worked in each area of their business. In other words, they haven’t asked anyone to do something they are not willing (or have not done) themselves. We can learn a lot from their success and apply that same principle of success in our own lives. Before we ask others to do something for us, before we go out and change the world, let us first ask the best from ourselves and transform ourselves into the best person we can be.

Your Turn:
Pay attention to how much energy you spend thinking about solutions for others or the way things “could” or “should be.” Realize that this time takes away from the time you have to create positive results in your own life. Redirect your energy inward versus outward.

Your Affirmation:
Each day I am improving my life.

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