Sometimes you won’t have a song in your heart…

Some days there won’t be a song in your heart. Sing anyway Emory Austin

Good morning! Oh the truth in Emory’s statement…. how I wish it wasn’t so! But it is true – we have natural “highs” and “lows” and some days there isn’t a song in our heart. So what we do on those days? How do we embrace life and be positive on the days when the “spark” just isn’t there? We do just as Emory suggests – we “sing anyway.” And we sing loud enough to wake up that spark.

One of the things cognitive therapy reveals is that when we consistently “act as if” we “become.” Sometimes we have to force a behavior in order to do it consistently enough to internalize it. On our “down days” it is more important than ever to en-gage in behaviors that fight the negativity in our minds and the sadness in our souls.

You don’t have to accept a mediocre day. You don’t have to accept a mediocre life. In fact, I en-courage you to accept nothing but the best. Sure, you will have days that start out “low.” Fight back. Sing. In any given moment you have the power to change your day. You have undoubtedly heard the quote “Fake it until you make it.” On those “low” days, shout out your affirmations. Write them over and over. Even if they don’t feel sincere, keep say-ing them. Our words have power, and they have the power to transform the mediocre into the mag-nificent.

Your Turn:
Draw the rooms of your life like an architect would draw a floor plan. In each “room” write down what potential you have and how you might grow.

Your Affirmation:

I have the power to transform the mediocre into the magnificent.

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