5 Week Mid-Year Goal Workshop

I T H A S B E E N S A I D the best way to predict the future is to create it and I couldn’t agree more. Every December 31st a special midnight passes, marking a new slate of 365 days. During these once-a-year happenings millions of people set their intentions and goals for the new year. Most of these people will abandon their goals by February or lose steam.

Don’t wait for a new year to set new goals or a new plan. Today is the best day we have.
Today is the perfect time for change.

Join me for a special Five-Week 2008 Mid-Year Goal Workshop: From Resolutions to Reality

  • Have you ever said something like, “I can’t believe the year is half over….” or “Life is just too hectic. I’ll wait until next year or __ (fill in the blank with date of choice) ___.”
  • Does your progress report look remarkably like it did on January? And the January before that?
  • Do you shoot out of the goal-starting gate but lose steam within a few weeks?
  • Have you ever put off a goal because you are waiting for a “better day?”

This workshops takes you step-by-step through the breakdown Brook uses for setting and achieving goals in her own life. You’ll learn:

  • What makes a successful goal
  • Why you need a VISION and a MISSION and the difference between them
  • Your Personal G.Q. (Goal Quotient–not the magazine)
  • Your goal strengths and weaknesses
  • Why most goals fail.. and how to prevent your goal from doing so
  • How to turn dreams into reality with discipline
  • How to make sure a goal is S.M.A.R.T.
  • How energy and attitude play key factors in success
  • How to break through barriers, get started and overcome obstacles
  • How to identify key milestones and create a detailed road map
  • The importance of a Vision Map
  • How to reprogram your mind and attitude for success
  • How to put your goal through a CRASH-test for reality, resources and success
  • Action steps to support your goal
  • How to make the second six month of the year different from the first

Imagine leaving Los Angeles with instructions to go to New York. Obviously, it would be easier to accomplish this with a map. Without a map, the trip would be nearly impossible, or require much more time and effort than the simple process of purchasing a map. Goals work the same way. Clearly defined goals identify a starting point and the most efficient path to a desired point. In this course you’ll learn how to build a personal goal map with a S.M.A.R.T. goal you can still accomplish in 2008.

Creating a clear goal map is the first step-but far from the only one. Written goals that are set aside are as useful as putting a map in your glove box, yet expecting to know which road to take without ever looking at it. Goals plans need to be consulted regularly, just like a map, and if you get off course, you need to take the shortest route to get back on track. You’ll learn how to break down your goal map into milestones, benchmarks and action steps to create a checklist for success.

If we return to our driving example, we likely need a few more tools to make the trek-like a vehicle and fuel. In the world of goals we are the vehicle; our attitude and energy are the fuel. Attitude and Energy are two of the six areas explored in my goal formula, along with Planning, Action, Support and Vision.

If you are ready to quit talking about you would like to achieve in your life, and ready to begin achieving it, join us on July 14 and start turning your aspirations into actions. Click here to learn more or register

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