Good Morning: Your Home is Sacred

“A peaceful home is as sacred a place as any chapel or cathedral.”
~Bill Keane

Good morning 


Today we are going to do something simple and practical to warm our home. When we think of the senses, we often think of taste and touch but we forget scent. Scent is a wonderful way to enhance the home, especially with the fall season approaching.
“Aromatherapy for the Kitchen”
1/2 small can whole allspice
1/2 small can whole cloves
1/2 can stick cinnamon
2 or 3 star anise
Rind of a small orange
1 or 2 cups water
Simmer in open pan on stove top.
Makes a wonderful festive yet soothing aroma to filter through the house.  Do not leave simmering potpourri un-tended, anymore than you would a burning candle

Your Turn:
Try the potpourri recipes to freshly scent your home.
Your Affirmation:
My home is a peaceful and sacred place.

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