Opportunity is an attitude….

Opportunity is an Attitude

Good morning! How many times do you catch yourself saying, “If only I had the opportunity to_______ I would _______.” Well, really, we do have that opportunity, right here! right now! knocking at our door! at this very moment; we only have to recognize it.

Opportunities are really just situations waiting for our attitude to attach itself to the particular situation; situations waiting for our recognition, waiting to be invited into our realm of possibility, waiting for our positive and creative energy. We have two choices: we can view a situation as an opportunity and move forward with control and a positive outcome; or we can react as if it were a setback and spiral out of control and backwards. I know which scenario I’d rather pick, and I bet you do too.

Your Turn:

Today try to turn every situation into an opportunity, no matter what, with a positive and strong attitude that yields a successful outcome.

Today’s Affirmation:

I create and attract opportunity.

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