Good Morning: Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy

"To be always doubting your ability to get what you long for is
like trying to reach east by traveling west." 
~Charles Baudouin

Good morning! 

I am convinced that one of the most common places we
practice reverse psychology is on our selves! In the past week, I
was taking notes and here are some examples:

1. The smoker who wants to quit and details their quitting plan
over a cigarette.

2. The woman who says she wants true love in her life, but stays in
a relationship that is unfulfilling.

3. The professional who wants to reach the top, but then watches
the clock and never works a minute over 40 hours.

4. The parent that wants better communication with their children,
but doesn't have time to talk.

5. The artist who feels a need to express themselves, but never
carves out time for creativity.

I am sure you can add some to this list!

How silly we are to live these contradictions in our life and then
wonder, "what is bothering us" or "why do we feel unfulfilled?"

While I typically am more subtle in my views of the world, this is
one area where subtleness is not my forte. The reason any of the
above people would be "bothered" or "unfulfilled" is that they know
exactly what they want, exactly what they need, and are not taking
a single step toward making it a reality. In fact, they are
directly contradicting it.

I am not saying that I have never done this in my own life - I
have! In fact, I can think of an area or two now where my actions
are directly in conflict with my desire. But what I don't do is
fool myself. I don't make the problem someone else's or blame it on
an unjust world or sum it up as bad timing. I know exactly what the
problem is - I am not taking actions steps that align with my
desires. And I know there is only one way to fix it. Either scrap
the desire, (which is impossible with a true, core desire) or fix
the action steps.

If we don't, we end up like today's quote - always traveling east
while trying to get west or vice versa. Of course, I suppose if you
travel east long enough, you'll eventually end up in the west - but
what a bumpy, long and indirect trip -- and what a waste of time!

Your Turn:
Turn the spotlight on your life. What true desire do you have where
your actions directly contradict the desire? Who do you blame? What
do you "chalk" it up to? How long has this been happening in your
life? Can you see the freedom that comes from owning the
responsibility and righting your action? Decide whether you have
outgrown the desire or if your action steps are wrong. Then adjust

Your affirmation: 
I own all of my problems. I own all of my solutions.

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