Good Morning! Keep Building Castles In The Air!

Around the Corner: “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”


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Good morning!  

When we have a new dream, goal or passion, they often begin as a “castle in the air.” We imagine what we want in our life and wish and hope for it. While the dream remains “in the air vour daily life continues. Where most of us get “stuck” is in building the foundation to link our dreams to our daily lives.
Often we become “stuck” because where we are and where we want to be seems to be at completely opposite ends of the world.  It may seem it would take a rocket scientist to connect the “dots” of our lives so that we can live our dreams.
This is a common reaction when we look at the “big picture.” Imagine a home-builder arriving at an empty lot and envisioning a new home–without visualizing the steps between empty land and the completed home. I bet very few homes would ever be built!  Once we have the “big picture” we need to stop and build a plan that connects the dots. We need to uncover the “little pictures” and work through them sequentially until we have built the link that lets our dreams integrate with our lives.
Your Turn: A director doesn’t film a movie in 2 hours. A director spends years, building scene upon scene, re-shooting, editing and analyzing to create the two hours we see on the screen. Let us approach our life the same way. Ask yourself, what scenes would lead to my dreams? Make an outline and then live one scene at a time.
Your affirmation: I create a ladder to transform my dreams into reality.
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