Good Morning – True Riches

"It is by 'spending' oneself
that one becomes rich." ~Sarah Bernhardt

Good morning! I cannot imagine truer words. "Being rich" is not a
matter of having money. It's a matter of experiencing life,
enjoying the moment, involving yourself with your children, family
and friends; it's committing to a cause of great importance to you,
learning new ideas, keeping an involved and educated mind, feeling
with all your heart--those are the riches that are measured by a
full life--not the ones you" take to the bank."

Your turn:
Take a moment to reflect on the true "riches" in your life. What
makes you happy? What are you passionate about? Make sure and take
time today, and everyday, for the true riches in your life.

Your affirmation:
I invest time and passion daily to the "true riches" in my life

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