“A smile can happen in a flash, but the memory can last a lifetime!” -Author Unknown

Good morning! Today’s inspiration comes from Tammy K., who writes:

I have this saying on a little sign at the office I work in, right next to my in-box and the candy dish which co-workers visit daily. It is a nice reminder for all of us to be humble, caring and loving. And to maybe let people know that it’s okay to feel good about smiling and how much that smile might mean to someone else.

Of all the ways to make today matter, being joyous and caring in our words and actions is one of the best. No matter what our mood, the way we behave, think, and act will spread to others-thus each of us, each day, has an impact on the entire world around us. When we are negative or down, that spreads to others. When we are positive, smiling, and hopeful, that spreads to others. As we enter each day, let us remember the important role we each play and the effect we each have on one another.

Your Turn: Challenge yourself to try and spread five smiles each day this month.

Today’s Affirmation: Each day, I focus on the being the best ” me” I can be, and on giving that gift to others.


Smile… — 2 Comments

  1. When I first started teaching in a middle school 10 years ago, I was appalled at how unfriendly the students seemed as I passed them in the hall. No eye contact, no response if I said hello… and of course, they weren’t being unfriendly, I now believe, but experiencing that inward turn that young adolescents do in their normal development. I decided to experiment with daily eye contact and smiling at them in the hall, regardless of the response. It took a while, but I noticed a definite trend. People were smiling more – staff and students alike. It made a definite difference in how I felt about being there also – so much more inclusive and friendly! And I was the only one I had to change!

  2. I wish I would have read this before walking out my door this morning. I am the one who usually smiles at work but this morning I did not and I felt the tension. A smile is always contagious and makes for a better work day. Now, I am motivated to read the good morning inspirations before I walk out the door.

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