Good Morning: Dare to Believe

"Dare to believe--because believing makes it so." 
~Beth Mende Conny

Good morning! 

Take time this week to focus on what you truly believe. Dare to
dream, to cast away all doubts; to just believe ... in yourself,
your family, your talents, your strengths, and all the positive
forces at work around you. This 'power to think positively' will
catapult you toward success, renewed vigor, less stress and
anxiety, and toward the ability to be self-fulfilled. "Think" of 
your 'positive thinking' as a "powerful energy" -- a "prophecy" of
sorts ...that if you will it to be positive, it will be! If you
will it to be less than satisfactory, it probably will be that

Your Turn: 
We are but the authors and the tellers of our own stories ... the
architects and the builders of our own dreams. Think only the best
for yourself and then go out there and put those thoughts to good
use! You'll be amazed at how you can tackle even the toughest

Your Affirmation:
I dare to believe.

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